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Uganda Cooperative Alliance LTD - UCA


Some achievements

In the preliminary activities, the following achievements have been made;

Oilpalm component
• Farmers trained and sensitised in governance and leadership qualities
• Farmers remobilised to elect new leaders and structure of leadership and governance overhauled, right from local units to district level
• Farmers have been guided to adopt a vetting system during elections
• Farmers have also adopted the delegate system of representation during district level general meetings
• New leaders are being oriented and guided to select an appropriate institutional framework for the new FO in Kalangala

Oilseed component
• Needs assessment has been done for all existing and new secondary level FOs in the oilseed target areas
• Some FOs have already been engaged to support them, based on the results of the NA
• Some groups have been supported to register as cooperatives

Name of project

Vegetable Oil Development Project, Phase 2

Funding partner(s)

GOU, through MAAIF, VODP

Project duration

2017 - 2018

Project area (In the format: Region, Districts, Sub-counties)

Eastern Uganda, Northern Uganda and West Nile

Project goal

To contribute to sustainable poverty reduction in the project area

Project objectives (atleast 3)

The development objective is to increase the domestic production of vegetable oil products to Ugandan consumers and neighboring regional markets.

The specific objectives of this partnership are;

i. To support the development of oil palm smallholders in Kalangala by restructuring the institutional framework towards ensuring the provision of sustainable support services to oil palm growers and capacity development of involved stakeholder institutions
ii. To Provide training and capacity building support to existing secondary farmer organizations and their affiliate primary producer groups in the oilseed component
iii. Support the emergence, mobilization and formalization of primary producer groups and their confederation into secondary groups at sub-county and district levels, in oilseed target areas
iv. Provide training to extension staff of PSPs and DLGs on second tier farmer group development in oilseed target areas